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. While our site design is simple-looking and not fancy, it is loaded with information, some of it exclusive to only this website and found nowhere else (check out our News Section below for the absolute latest on the recent scandal that just broke, and our Biography section for details on Caputo's background and our Guestbook). We've been following Caputo since Day One, watching her career progress and monitoring her increasingly suspect antics. Aprende más en Español: http://www.watch-it-played.com

Our purpose is to expose the charismatic and compelling 47-year old TV star Theresa Caputo as a possible soothsaying charlatan rather than a legitimate psychic. We have made contact with a close family friend of the Caputos, who says Theresa Caputo is a fake. We have made their initial claims public here exclusively for the very first time. (It should be noted that while Caputo may be a fake, we find her personally very likeable and we find her show to be highly entertaining and enjoyable.) Our site is very thorough, so please read it carefully and take your time to absorb the information (note: this web site takes no position on whether there is life after death; there may well be, but we are skeptical Caputo has any access to it. There remains no hard evidence she is a fake or a real psychic, we simply remain skeptical.)

Please see the "About Us" section at the bottom of this site for more information on the media watchdog group Web Fraud Squad and investigator Roy (see his blog below). Also check out our Penny Millionaire review and how to make money with Nadex on our sister site, BinaryWatchdog.org, you won't want to miss it.

Theresa Caputo: Psychic Or Fake?

The TLC television network's "Long Island Medium" features Theresa Caputo, along with her husband, Larry, and two children, Victoria and Lawrence Giacomo, in the role of homespun, small town psychic. She meets people on the street to share her gift, holds group meetings for free, and offers her services privately. Throughout the show, she reveals sometimes unique details that seem "impossible" to "know" without some kind of telepathic connection to the afterlife. 

critics argue
the show is highly edited to show only her best "hits". She also displays classic cold reading techniques and has been caught slipping up, making mistakes and appearing to navigate numerous misses, many that often end up on the proverbial cutting room floor.

"The truth is coming out. Caputo can't do anything to stop it. It's over."
 -- Source who claims they are close to the Caputo family, May 5, 2013 (see full story below)

Theresa Caputo
Our Long Island Medium News Section

Have SciFake.com, RadarOnline.com and Ron Tebo crossed the line?

Now they claim her marriage is falling apart - but is it? Caputo's father fights back

Yet again, Caputo's enemies have launched another slanderous, outrageous attack, claiming her marriage is falling apart and on the fast track toward divorce. But in a new story in The Christian Post, the Long Island medium's father, Nicholas J. Brigandi, hits back against the claims, saying his daughter and her husband, Larry, are "doing just fine. They're doing great. But a lot of jealous people want to destroy them." We're beginning to think that, too


NEW! Evidence rolls in that Ron Tebo is a fraud, bully and desperate to appear on television!

Aside from the fact that Ron Tebo's website is openly begging for the media to write him or call him for interviews, there are more than a few other signs Mr. Tebo is desperate for attention. His site, SciFake.com, is tastelessly mashed together with countless YouTube videos purporting to show Caputo making "mistakes" in candid moments from her on-air interviews with shows like Anderson Cooper Live. These videos upon any cursory inspection are poorly edited, poorly researched and show no evidence that Teresa Caputo is a fake. None!

A new blog has now appeared hammering Mr. Tebo with charges he is an outright fraud. Check it out here and read the chilling details of how Tebo exploited a child abuse case to gain exposure for himself. We at LongIslandMediumFake.com, along with Roy and all of our staff at the Web Fraud Squad, will continue to fight to find the truth. If it turns out Caputo is a real psychic, we'll be the first to report it. 

New scandal surrounds Caputo - but is there any hard evidence she's a fake?

A brand new story on RadarOnline.com (an awful site covered in pop up ads) as of June 5, 2014 has agreed with everything our source has said about Caputo. The story outlines how numerous former fans who've paid to see the psychic and have paid for the live shows are complaining and filing fraud claims. Private investigator Ron Tebo, of SciFake.com, has also pursued an investigation that confirms everything we've reported here about Caputo, including how her live shows are staged. However, these claims remain simply that, they're claims; we've yet to see evidence from RadarOnline, Tebo or our own source that confirms Caputo is a fake.

Have Ron Tebo & RadarOnline gone too far in assassinating the character of Theresa Caputo?

Roy, proprietor of the Web Fraud Squad, spoke to the media from his Mt. Charleston vacation home north of Las Vegas, Nevada on June 6th, and gave the following statement to the press:

"While it looks like this is just more confirmation Caputo may be a fake, I would advise everyone to take a step back until the evidence comes in. Some of the claims made by Ron Tebo do not seem confirmed at all. I personally feel a little bit sad for Caputo. Until we have real evidence she's a fake, there's no need for these character assassinations. I also feel the RadarOnline article is biased and poorly conceived."

He added, "I'm advising my staff at LongIslandMediumFake.com to review all of the material we have up on the website, and to take a more cautionary and civil tone toward Caputo in the future. We don't know for certain she is a fake, and Ron Tebo's harsh, almost mean-spirited tone is not in the spirit of truth or real investigative prudence. Frankly, I just don't like the guy at all. He rubs me the wrong way, and we need to take a step back here. I also personally find Caputo to be very likeable and I enjoy her show. There's no reason to overreact here. I also don't support any of the trash reported on RadarOnline, one of the worst websites on the Internet, a site covered in pop up ads that appears to be an NSA 'front' or 'shell' site full of malicious, invasive code."

Have Ron Tebo & RadarOnline committed slander and libel against Caputo?

With the level of viciousness voiced in articles released by RadarOnline, along with videos and quotes from Mr. Rob Tebo, we believe both parties have crossed the line into the territory that makes this issue a civil case for Mrs. Theresa Caputo. The attacks are so mean-spirited and apparently baseless, we would encourage her legal team to look seriously at filing suit against the aggressive parties in question. We also hope her fans are rallying around her in this difficult time for her and her family. We will have more to say about this in the coming days, including a petition to boycott RadarOnline and Mr. Tebo's mean-spirited, negative website.  

LongIslandMediumFake.com: "We are taking a step back and evaluating things"

In the coming days, we will be reviewing and editing some of the evidence and opinion we've presented on this website. As we note below in our section detailing our inside source's testimony, there still is no hard evidence Caputo is a fake. Our source offered very compelling claims, but failed to provide evidence we requested. We have not heard from our source, publicly known as "Kim", in four months, as she refused to turn over evidences and proofs we had asked for so we could further verify her claims.

We have never said Caputo is "certainly" a fake. We believe it is possible she is real. We also believe the claims being cast by Ron Tebo and the outrageously poor reporting of RadarOnline warrants further investigation. The Daily Mail, a notorious gossip rag covered in invasive ads, has also posted a poorly-written, biased story against the Long Island Medium. There seems to be a campaign of "hate" against Caputo and we want no part in it.

We will have further updates on this developing story soon...


The 7th season premiered on TLC on Sunday, January 12th, 2016 and featured a LIVE Twitter event with Caputo and reading giveaways to lucky winners and a big announcement!

But did she get cancelled? Thankfully, no! According to her Twitter, she'll be back this summer with new episodes! Even if she's a fake, her show is by far the best on TLC

EXPLOSIVE new testimony from a NEW eye-witness!

December 20th, 2013

An extraordinary eye-witness account of the Long Island Medium's
live show has emerged and we have been given permission to post the story here exclusively for the very first time. (This is a new eye-witness separate from our whistle blower report located below.)

Please click here for
a detailed account of how the Long Island Medium conducts her readings during her popular live shows, which often net her over $300,000.00 per show. She continues to claim to be helping thousands of grieving people. Some people are even following her around the country to her shows in hopes of getting a reading. 

Long Island Medium releases outrageous 2nd book!

Theresa Caputo has decided one book isn't enough, she's now releasing yet another book. Her book will be ironically titled, "You Can't Make This Stuff Up." Is she offering hope to the grieving, or just false hopes to sell books? You decide:

Click above to order the book on Amazon.com

Always something new on our Guestbook:

Take a look at our Guestbook for new updates, comments from fans and foes alike and join in our lively debate. Comments are no longer moderated despite harassment we've received from Theresa Caputo fans.

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List of 8 reasons she is a fake

We wanted to provide a quick reference list as to why Caputo is a fake:

  • She claims she is "certified" by the Forever-Family Foundation, a "foundation" that doesn't appear to exist in the real world and has a cheaply-made website.
  • Appeared to be "cold reading" during an appearance on Anderson Cooper's show, and other shows; appearances that later proved to be embarrassing testaments to how poorly she handles impromptu readings without her crew backing her up.
  • She has yet to prove anything, and refuses to take James Randi's $1 million dollar challenge.
  • Her live shows appear to be carefully staged and choreographed, as evidenced by an eye-witness report we've provided above.
  • Everything she does could be staged, every "reading" could involve the use of prior knowledge through sources like Google and the help of private investigators. Nothing she does holds up to scrutiny.
  • She's all about money; she charges a fortune for her readings and live shows.
  • Her readings are often vague, refer to "spirit" and use the same format (open, middle, close) in how she relates information to clients or those she's reading.
  • Appears to use classic cold reading techniques, like talking fast and throwing out random questions.

List of 5 reasons she is real

We want to be fair, so here are four reasons Caputo may be real:

  • There are a number of compelling, personal accounts from people who have received readings from her that suggest she is able to access near-impossible information.
  • Some of her impromptu readings are very impressive.
  • It is hard to believe of the hundreds (if not thousands) of people who have received readings from her that any of them are lying or colluding with her; most of those she gives readings to appear to be legitimate people seeking answers.
  • She does not claim to be "God" or to have all knowledge, and appears to do her best to access information through a "fuzzy" extra-sensory experience only she could possibly understand, as such a thing would be difficult for the rest of us to relate to.
  • She seems like an extraordinarily nice and friendly person, who gives a lot of free readings.
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LongIslandMediumFake.com receives prestigious web award

One of the Internet's top website ranking firms, Webutation, has given us a top score of "100" for our safety, security, privacy policies and overall reputation, including a Norton Safeweb designation:

longislandmediumfake.com Webutation

When does Long Island Medium air on TLC?

UPDATE: Long Island Medium returns to TLC on March 9th, 2014 for her 5th season! Check out the listings here. The show airs 9pm on Sundays with new episodes, and throughout the week starting at 2pm. TLC is finally airing the show more often and keeping fans happy.

UPDATE: NBC News reports TLC is taking a breaking airing LIM in early 2014 until the 5th season is finalized. TLC has decided to replace LIM with horrifically bad shows like "Sister Wives" and "Say Yes To The Dress". While we do not care for the Long Island Fake, we'll take her show any day over some of the other crap TLC sees fit to air.

TLC currently airs Theresa Caputo's show typically on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 2 p.m. Eastern time, with new episodes appearing on Sundays. TLC airs Sunday and Monday "marathons" periodically.

An all-day marathon will air Christmas Day, Tuesday, December 24th.

The second half of Season 4 is now over. We do not know if the show has been cancelled or will be renewed for another season. We're waiting for TLC to make an announcement. It looks like for the month of December TLC is trying out a bunch of new shows.

The NEW 4th season premiered on Sunday, October 6th, 2013 at 6pm EST

Why do we know so little about Theresa Caputo?

Please click here for our Biography section of exclusive content we've put together detailing what is known (or isn't known) about the medium from Long Island. It's surprising how little is known about her. The news media has basically done zero research into her background.

What if she is accessing demonic energy for her powers?

Some people have wondered if she is real whether her powers may be demonic or Satanic-related. We do not believe this to be a possibility, but we acknowledge some people believe this.

While there is considerable evidence pointing her to being a cold-reader and a fake, there is not 100% ironclad proof of this. Our source seems convinced she is a fake and relates stories that suggest Caputo is in it for the money, but there is still some doubt in our minds as to whether Caputo has powers or not.

Many believe it is very possible she is channeling demonic spirits and either does not realize it, or is secretly practicing witchcraft and ancient alchemy. We do not adhere to these theories, but we are reporting them here to be thorough. We cannot say 100% she is a fake, although most evidence points in that direction. If she is real, we would assume she is accessing demonic supernatural energy. There are some very fishy things about this woman, things that suggest to us it is possible she has some kind of "gift" -- but it is a gift she is using to rake in cash and deceiving people about the nature of the afterlife. There are also some very dangerous and unscrupulous characters who surround her, people who possibly share connections with the Illuminati. Some of these people have threatened us.

It should be noted we place the above speculation in the realm of "conspiracy theory" and we do not endorse these arguments, we merely report them.

Isn't your website slanderous and committing libel and defamation against Caputo?

Actually, no. Our website is fully protected by free speech. Please read our disclaimer for more information on this. We are also not definitively declaring Caputo is a "fake", but rather we are presenting speculative information, opinion and eye-witness reports. As we have stated, she may be real.

For something to be libelous, slanderous or to constitute defamation, the plantiff must prove they have been monetarily and personally harmed by accusations that are untrue relating to their personal conduct through their business or personal life. They must also prove those accusations are untrue, so Caputo bears the weight of proving her powers; she would have to prove to a court she is a real psychic.

If we claimed Mrs. Caputo was cheating on her husband (without evidence backing up that claim), for instance, this may enter into that realm of actionable legal recourse. To call a psychic a "fake" does not enter remotely into the realm of actionable legal recourse.

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Is your website a "scam"?

No. For something to be a "scam", this presumes the entity is asking for money or selling a product. We are not selling anything. We do have a few ads on our site, which helps pay for monthly hosting ($120 a month), which costs a lot due to the amount of traffic we receive. We do not collect personal information or attempt to lure anyone into any kind of scheme. We have been erroneously accused of running a "scam" by Caputo's supporters, who are constantly attacking us.

How much money does Theresa Caputo make?

According to our research and our sources, Caputo has made around $3.4 million dollars for the totality of her four seasons starring on TLC's Long Island Medium. She received a $1 million dollar advance for her new book. She has also made an estimated $2 million dollars on her speaking tour and merchandise sales, which yields tremendous profits even for relatively small audiences of one or two thousand people.

About how much does she charge for an appointment or session? What is the cost of a private reading? Through our investigation, we've determined that for private reading sessions she charges between $180 and $200 per hour. For her live show, ticket prices range from $40 to $180. She also has a "fan club" that is $20 per year. She has also appeared in a Priceline.com commercial, a payday that likely netted a few hundred thousand dollars.

According to Caputo's Twitter account, her new book, "There's More To Life Than This", has been on the New York Times Bestseller List for six weeks.

We estimate her net worth at approximately $15 million dollars and going up everyday. That said, she is known to give generously to charities!

What does Theresa Caputo's husband do?

As of this writing, we understand that he is now retired due to the huge fortune his wife has managed to acquire from her show. More coming soon on this...

Will your whistle-blower be coming forward with any new information?

At this point, we have no new information as to when our source plans to reveal more details. Our source has not been forthcoming with information we've requested to prove her claims. Please see our update below.

Why is your web site so "old" looking? It looks like it was made in 1995.

We're working on updating it. As it is, our objective is to present information. We believe many modern-day web sites are too flashy, overwhelm the reader with too many options and are often very "busy" in their presentation. We like the look of our sites because they are simple and efficient, and our ads are not intrusive or annoying.
We also try to keep the ads on our site tasteful. The few dollars a month the site generates in ad income helps pay for webmaster fees and monthly hosting.

How much is an appointment and private reading with Caputo?

According to our sources, there is a two year wait list to get a private, one on one reading with Mrs. Caputo. She charges between $150 and $500 for a private reading. It's not cheap, that's for sure.

Why do you say Caputo's defenders and fans are "dangerous"?

We have been threatened repeatedly by her fans. They have written us personally and found some of our personal phone numbers and harassed us. Many have threatened legal action against us. Others have used hate speech and made wild accusations that we are running a "scam" (which does not even make sense, since we are not even selling anything).

That said, if Caputo is real, and her fans believe she is real, it's understandable fans would be upset at those who are attacking her. We hold no ill-will toward her fans, and we happen to find Caputo quite likable.

Disqus comments (note: offensive comments will be reported to authorities, and you WILL go to PRISON if you make threats!):

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A Whistle-blower Comes Forward 

Long Island Medium Fake

June 10th, 2014 update: Our site is undergoing a full update over the next week, as new information comes in. It appears a slanderous campaign of hate is being directed at Caputo from many sources (see News Section above). We've never explicitly stated Caputo is a "fake", we've merely remained skeptical, and open-minded to the fact she may also be real. We've been so fair to her that we've even posted links on our site to her books.

We are evaluating many aspects of our site and the claims made against Caputo, even those made by our insider source below. Please read the following with caution and skepticism, and keep in mind it is possible the "friend" of Caputo's who contacted us last year may simply be bitter and angry over her success, or have some other ulterior motive to attack her. We have not heard from "Kim" in over four months; she was unwilling to provide any further evidence to back up her claims. It's our job to report, it's for you to decide.

June 10, 2013

We have obtained an extensive and detailed story from a source named Kim (*her name has been changed to protect her identity) with close ties to the Caputo family. 
This person is very knowledgeable on the Caputos' life and has provided us with documentation proving who they are and their connection to the Caputos. This person charges in no uncertain terms that Caputo is a fake, staging fake seances, staging fake, impromptu readings and that her entire show is fake. Our source also charges that they have concrete evidence of Caputo's fake scam.

It is in our estimation this person's story is 100% legitimate and incredibly damning to the Caputos and their brand of charlatanism -- however, we make no claim as to the veracity of these claims; they are simply claims. We do not endorse the truth of this testimony one way or another. We simply present it for your evaluation.

We have obtained audio interviews and one video interview with this person. We are in the process of vetting, editing and verifying this information, in addition to receiving permission to release it. Our source's identity will be protected by all means until there is a point they feel comfortable publicly coming forward. 

We are providing below excerpts from a video interview conducted with our source on April 23rd, 2013. This is the most information we have been allowed to release so far, but it paints a compelling and extraordinary behind-the-scenes picture of what goes on during the production of Long Island Medium.

The Interview

Theresa Caputo

Conducted on April 23rd, 2013.

Long Island Medium Fake.com (LIMF): 

Thank you for taking the time to sit with us and tell us your story. You've given us a list of certain things we cannot ask you, such as your age, but there are still a few grey areas we want to cover first. May we ask you how long you have lived in the Long Island area?

Source ("KIM"): 

Yes, thanks, um, I've been in the area over twenty years. I don't want to get too detailed as you know.


Ok, can you give us an idea of how close you are to the Caputos? How well you really know them? You've given us evidence that proves to us you know them, but can you give a statement yourself?


*pause* I've known Theresa for a very long time. The relationship has come and gone. I can't be too specific. I know if or when she reads this she's going to try to figure it out. What I do know is she won't be able to use any psychic powers to figure it out.


For the record, do you believe Theresa Caputo has any psychic ability or ability to speak with the dead?


No way. I know for a fact she doesn't. I know one hundred percent she doesn't. She's like you and me. She can't hear voices or see anything. She doesn't receive any special information from beyond. Spirits don't talk to her. Nothing. She is completely fake, it's a hoax, a scam to make money.

When she's talking and seems to be receiving information from the afterlife, that's all made up. I know. I've seen how she does it. And yes, she has told me herself, that it's fake. I've had interactions with her, at a time when she felt she could trust me, and I was made aware of things. I was made aware of things that I believe the world needs to know about. I know she's going to do everything she can to destroy me once she finds out who I am, so I'm being careful with this. She has a lot more money than I do.  


Wow. So, what exactly is she doing on the show? Why do so many people believe her? Why is it so convincing?


That's a lot of questions for me to answer. 


Ok, one
 at a time. Let's start with... How is she doing this?


It's variations of cold reading and having background intel on subjects being read. Let me tell you, though, Theresa Caputo is one of the best there is. A lot of people don't know that she has a very, very high IQ. I do not know the exact number. I was told by someone who would have knowledge of that. She is much brighter than the sort of goofy woman she comes across as on the show. 


Now, let's, ok... She's highly skilled. Other cold readers have also succeeded as well, so it is not impossible. What is her motivation?


Well, money is the motivation, of course. It's all about money for her. And now fame. She's been doing this a long time. Her husband doesn't even have to work anymore she makes such a ridiculous amount of money. You can see on the show he's just around the house, poking around most of the time, doing nothing.


Do you think she has any conscience about it? Do think she feels she's lying to people? 


She justifies it. I've talked to her about it. I know she justifies it. She also feels she's helping people. If you watch how she conducts her readings, she always ends them on a positive note. She almost never says anything negative to a grieving person. She is trying to impart a positive message. But it's still all a ruse. I don't agree with it. Especially when she messes with kids.  


We have to try to be objective here and I want to play devil's advocate for a moment. She has had moments on the show that are extremely compelling. They are so convincing. How do you explain those moments? 


Right. I know. Believe me, I know and I've heard all about it from friends, how real it seems. I've been quiet around here about what I know and how I feel, so I do a lot of listening. My friends know certain things, but I don't tell everyone what I know. I can't. The community is tight here and most people love Theresa, and others want the show to do well so it benefits the community. People aren't using any critical thinking on this. I know for a fact Theresa Caputo uses all known means to gain information on potential subjects who she reads. 


She's actually denied that and talked about how she doesn't Google people or look them up. She addressed all those criticisms. What do you say to that? 


Take her word for it? She just said she doesn't, so you believe it? I have enough information to have a good idea of exactly what she is doing. You realize she has assistants, right? Those assistants have signed nondisclosure agreements. Those assistants are paid very well. She has a crew in addition to the TLC crew. She has people around her. They want to make money, too. TLC wants to make money. People will do anything for money. They will fake things. They will lie. They will stage scams. This is nothing new. 


So you are saying she is doing all those research things to get information on subjects?


Yes! Everything. She has even better resources than you or I. She has access to databases. She pays for services that look up personal information. She has private investigators who work for her. Every time she produces a theatrical performance that convinces a subject or customer, she builds her brand and business! She has a great incentive to be accurate and to have all the information she can get for each subject. It's not a game. It's not a joke for these people. They are thorough. This is an addiction for her, the power, the money. She justifies all of it, of course. 

[end segment]

Our interview continued with more specific information that might reveal our source's identity; our source asked us only to post the above information, as well as the visual quotes we've also provided throughout this site. (Learn about the Binary Book broker scam)

More To Come

Long Island Medium

Our other interviews go into detail, revealing past incidents, names, places and dates where events have occurred that our source was witness to. Some of the people and companies Theresa Caputo uses to obtain intelligence on various subjects was also revealed to us. We can say with near certainty our source is telling the truth and providing tremendously damning information that suggests Mrs. Caputo is involved in an intricate scam or hoax. 

Our source says they do not seek money or fame for themselves. They do not wish to write a book. They just want the information to get out, so people will, in the terms of our source, "wake up and see what this woman is all about." 

We will be updating this site in the coming weeks with more information. Please bookmark and save this page and come back soon.

UPDATE: In March, 2014 we will be releasing more information, including a full audio interview with our whistleblower and more details about Theresa Caputo's intricate, complex hoax and scam that is fooling and deceiving people across America. Our legal team is in the process of vetting this information. This vetting takes time and we aim to be thorough.

(We will also be releasing our source's detailed analysis of some of the more recent episodes of Long Island Medium. Our source has taken the time to analyze a number of episodes, the tricks, gimmickry
 and methods used and how the show is produced so convincingly.)

UPDATE: "Long Island Medium: Theresa On The Road" is a new spin off special of "Long Island Medium." We will be offering a full review of some of Caputo's tactics and methods used to fake and stage events in this new special in the coming weeks. 

Be sure to bookmark this page about

Theresa Caputo

Our Whistle-blower Answers a Reader's Question


We asked our source, Kim*, about a recent episode of Long Island Medium in which a boy is interviewed by Theresa Caputo. This boy had lost his little sister. In Teresa's reading, she mentions a "tent" and the boy's face lights up; he then describes a Dora Explorer tent he and his sister would play in. 

This information seemed to be something that would be nearly impossible for Theresa Caputo to know about the little boy and his sister. 

A reader has contacted us and asked us to ask our source about this, and how the source believes Theresa Caputo would know something so detailed. This is our source's most recent response, received by us by email on May 19th, 2013: 

Let me tell you how she does this. First of all, any person she approaches on the street or conducts an interview with for the television show has already been investigated. Please understand that. The television show is given the highest priority and the most resources for Theresa's investigation of subjects. However, Theresa does use cold-reading techniques on the fly during the show and during her regular 'practice' as a medium. But, that is merely an aside to this specific instance.

With the boy, and yes, I watched that episode like everyone else, her team probably investigated that family for a week after the initial contact was made by the parent. The team is looking for something, anything, specific that can be linked into the private lives of that family. They are just looking for one or two things! They don't need to know everything.

So, in this instance, they were able to glean through their investigation that the boy and his sister had shared a tent and had played in one. This might have been discovered through a Facebook posting, an interview with a friend, or a relative speaking to another relative or friend, and that information being passed down. Private investigators are highly resourceful and can find out personal details about you that would convince many people they are psychic!

Long Island Medium

A Gesture of Goodwill

While we believe Theresa Caputo may be a fake, it is up to you to reach that conclusion, and it is important to have all of the evidence available to make an educated judgment.

About Us 

long island medium fake

The Web Fraud Squad is an independent research and investigative media watchdog group dedicated to exposing media figures who lie and mislead the public for their own personal gain. Our investigators in California, Michigan and Virginia, in association with media watchdog and investigator Roy (Roy  on Google+ & Mr. Roys Blog), are tasked with using public records and legal means to expose fraud.

Roy is a Christian man of faith dedicated to exposing frauds, fakes and liars who pervert the truth and prey on the weak and vulnerable. He has investigated numerous cases of fraud, and exposed hoaxers and liars on his site ScamWatchdog.org and the world's first non profit binary options broker.

Despite his efforts, he is constantly under attack from the many people he has exposed. Due to his aggressive commitment to exposing the truth, he has made many enemies and has received numerous death threats over the years.

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long island medium

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